We’re currently working on a Puzzle Island VR update, that will include some new changes and features.

Since its launch, Puzzle Island featured a seamless cooperative multiplayer mode that would automatically match you up with another player working on the same level. If nobody was available, you would simply play alone. Players would automatically hop in and out of sessions. Playing with a friend would definitely have you laughing (or crying). This is how that looks:

However, we have found that having multiplayer did give us some additional issues such as:

  • Each level needs to be designed to work in multiplayer and single player, this limits us in the types of level components we want to and can design
  • Synchronizing physics and ropes is prone to bugs and not so easy to debug
  • After all, there aren’t that many multiplayer sessions happening

So after long consideration, we’ve decided to remove multiplayer and make Puzzle Island VR a single player game. With this change we will be able to implement the following advantages:

  • Creative freedom: Implementing new level components will be less time consuming in future
  • Full rope physics: In the old version, the middle of the rope doesn’t push any other boxes. We’ve implemented new ropes that will allow the player to handle more complex situations, for example using pulleys. Here’s an example:

Additionally the upcoming version will include the following features:

  • More Sound Effects
  • Improved Performance
  • A new Ocean technology that allows boxes to float. Check it out:
  • We tweaked the level selection by removing some not so fun levels and adding some new ones
  • Background Music: We’ve added several tracks of nice atmospheric music

Most features are already completed and we’re currently testing and going testing and tweaking the existing levels. So you can expect this update to be live very soon.

If you would like to be informed when it’s launched, sign up for our newsletter or add Puzzle Island VR to your wishlist here. We will perhaps have a little sale.

On a side note, we’ll soon be releasing WEJAM, our casual multiplayer music app, on Steam. Make sure to wishlist it so you don’t miss the launch sale.