Who are we?

Interaction Ideas is a creative studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. We craft experiences for the web, mobile, desktop and virtual reality.

Web Development

Utilizing the latest technologies we design and develop innovative sites, applications or interactive animations and charts for the web.

Video Games

Games are everywhere. We strife to develop original game ideas and implement them for desktop or mobile using the latest technologies for desktop, mobile, web and consoles.

Virtual Reality

Is it the next big thing or just a bubble? If you’ve tried VR you know the answer. With Puzzle Island VR we’ve developed a graphically advanced, innovative physics puzzler that would not have been possible in a traditional hardware setting.

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Floating in the Ocean

One of the new features that will be in the next Puzzle Island update, is buoyancy for wooden and other floatable elements. It adds some realism and it’s a lot of fun play around with. Check it out:

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